ListenLive Remote Software

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25th October 2016

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This Windows application gives
a simple remote control interface
to your ListenLive firmware.

Full setup (contains latest exe)

If you want the software to do more things or need it for a different platform then let me know.

If you require assistance in software development or hardware enhancements
please contact us on
+44 7791 086 254.

For Nice Vanhire People visit
HH Van Hire
or you can call them on
020 7916 6616
They offer some of the best rates for long or short term van hire or van rental in the north london area.

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Simple vehicle and object tracking is now available for less than you may have thought.
If you own a fleet of vans or a group of walk about delivery agents
you can now keep track of them for the cost of a single sms..
With the Simplemap software and suitable unit, your objects are always within reach.

Multi compatible with 'Maplin TR-101, TR-102, TR-150',
'SpyTech pocket tracker', 'STEPP', 'Loomy', 'Trimtrack'
and any 'HV Type' units.

We are also able to offer a firmware upgrade to your TR-101/2 to enable more features and functions like
Geofencing, Low battery alerts, GSM Bug mode, journey Logging,, to name a few.
If you have any additional requirments please let us know.

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