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10th July 2009

How do I unlock the Screen or Volume LOCKS
on my Apple ipod Video or nano ?

For a simple PC application to search and remove locks on your iPod,
download mYpod Lock Remover

This works on all my Video G5 / 5.1 units and may also work on the Nano devices.

It will
NOT require you to restore your ipod if it is locked
with either the Screenlock or the Volumelock.

Simply run this application and select the drive,
If there are locks shown and you want to remove them
just select the required option from the menu bar.

Thats it.
All you have to do then is Do a 'Soft Restart'
(menu and center buttons held)

A password backup and restore option has been added
to give you a little more fun.

Due to the nature and security of passwords and pin codes,
this software will NOT decode the combination code.
It will simply remove it or restore it.

If you want to do it manually or you do not have a PC then try this link
or press the search button below.

If you want to run a Dual Boot Ipod with another open source OS then visit

If you require assistance in software development or hardware enhancements
please contact us on
+44 7791 086 254.

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Simple vehicle and object tracking is now available for less than you may have thought.
If you own a fleet of vans or a group of walk about delivery agents
you can now keep track of them for the cost of a single sms..
With the Simplemap software and suitable unit, your objects are always within reach.

Multi compatible with 'Maplin TR-101, TR-102, TR-150',
'SpyTech pocket tracker', 'STEPP', 'Loomy', 'Trimtrack'
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We are also able to offer a firmware upgrade to your TR-101/2 to enable more features and functions like
Geofencing, Low battery alerts, GSM Bug mode, journey Logging,, to name a few.
If you have any additional requirments please let us know.

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